Monday, October 11, 2010

ghosts, spirits and a dead lady playing the piano

last night's dream left me with more of a weird feeling than a full recollection of what exactly i dreamed about.  here is my best recall.

i was a spirit of some sort, a ghost maybe?
there was a young male.  i'm unsure if he was alive and i ended up killing him or if he had always been a spirit/ghost and i was trying to contain him because i knew he was negative.
its almost as if i was keeping him in a small space up high, maybe an attic?
i think i had to go and do something and i thought that i had securily trapped/containted this mail spirit. i went downstairs.  i'm not sure what i was doing and i don't remember doing anything in particular. i just remember my step mom's face and her smiling. 

when i went back upstairs, i saw that the male had left and i was really upset/worried.

next thing i remember i was in this dark place.. maybe a nursing home?  i see that the male spirit had brought the body of a dead lady to the place.  instead of leaving the body be, he somehow tied it up so that it moved and played the piano.  i remember seeing the room, it had a bed and a piano in it, very dimily lit.. and then the old lady, who's face i never saw, was moving almost roboticlly from the strings, and playing the piano.  i was worried/saddened that no one would see that this lady had died because she was playing the piano and that her body would start to decompose/smell before anyone would realize.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


people are amazing creatures.  

so much hate
so much love
so much faith
so much lack of
and so much more..

all in one species.  

very interesting.

Monday, September 13, 2010

the girls w/ a murder plan

night of 9.12.10

i was with a group of girls.  i dont know who they are and i'm not for sure if i thought i knew them in the dream.  we went to some store or building.  there were some sort of employees there that the girls thought that they needed to kill to move forward to the next thing.  i'm not for sure what the big plan was.. but they felt this was neccesary to do.  i never saw the bodies of the workers, but i knew they were dead there in there with us.   i didn't like that they were doing this, but i felt a sense of almost fear, knowing that if i didn't stay with the girls, they may get angry and may be kill me too.

we left the store and i remember boarding an airplane.  i knew that we were going to atlanta, ga then stopping in south carolina.  i knew each place there would be more killing.

lastly i remember as if the dream was fast forwarded.  and there was a narrative over it of me sitting in a small boat with a single little motor on the back with these girls.  we were in the middle of a large lake and the water was very still.  the narrative explained that the bodies had been chopped up and then anything left was chopped up by the boat motor for the fish to eat.  and then we dumped the weapons in the lake as well.

the boat, with out the noise/use of the motor turned around and and moved "off screen"

flying over mountains, murderous breed of people and docking on cement


i was in ohio and my friend, stephanie was there with me.  i wanted to show her what the area i lived at looked like and the "mountains".  she didn't want to go, but i kept asking her why she didn't want to see it because it was so pretty and the mountains looked "just like west virginia"  she reluctently went with me.. and i showed her the area by flying.  i held her hand and we just took off.  i didn't think twice about flying or anything during this.

the area was filled with certain type of people.. almost as if they were humans with some sort of  killing tendencies.. and if you weren't one of them, they would kill/attack you.  i remember finding myself in a tunnel/alley type area.  it was dark/wet/damp. they were surrounding me.. i was wondering how i was going to pass as one of them, so they wouldn't hurt me.   something distracted them before they attacked and i was out of harms way... i didn't know what had happened.

i was suddenly by a vending machine type thing. there were people around it and the idea of the machine was to select what you wanted, but instead of getting a product (candybar/drink) you turned in to that weird human.  that's how everyone was changing.  i couldn't understand why people would want to be this way.. and although i knew it was more dangerous for me to live "normally"  i wasn't going to select that in the vending machine.


i decided that i needed to get away.  i knew something was after me, maybe left over from the previous dream?  i was standing w/ chris and john.  but they weren't leaving or moving..  so i got on a ship that was just sailing across to the other side of the island.  i sat down and was in the middle of a group of people that i remember from highschool.  i was never really friends with them, but i knew who they were.  i remember they were talking about someone and i kept trying to remember who it was and i kept thinking i knew who they were talking about, but then realized i was thinking of the wrong person.

the ship stopped and everyone waited to get disembark.  i looked over the edge and noticed that the boat wasn't that far off the ground... in fact, i could just step over the side.   i heard the lady/announcer say that "sometimes the water is more shallow than it seems".  i stepped over the side and was on the island.  i looked back at the ship and saw that everyone was still waiting in line to get off.. i couldn't understand why everyone was waiting to get off when they could just step over the side and be where they wanted to be.   i tried to get the attention of the group i was sitting with, but i couldn't.   i stepped back from the ship more and noticed that it wasn't even in water, it had pulled up and was "parked" on cement.

i started to walk around on the sand and just remember thinking it was really bright and the sand was really white.  i immediately started trying to figure out a way to get back to the other side of the island, where i had been so eager to leave.

Fighting Horse


i was in ohio with a group of people.  no one i reconized but my dad.  we were all gathered around and i noticed a really pretty horse.  it's coloring was reddish and shiney.  while looking at the horse, its almost as if it "zoomed in" with a close up on it's face.   there was a breeze and me looking at this horse was almost in slow motion..   just as a movie presenting a "hot chick" .  the horse was staring back at me and it was almost as if the horse was reaching out to me, pointing in some way.

when this happened, i asked the person next to me, with out taking my eyes off the horse, what was going on and said that this was kinda freaking me out.  the person next to me insinuated that they needed to distract the horse.   they pulled out a cell phone and turned on the light and waved it around and yelled "hey!"  the horse broke the "gaze" and started staring at someone else.  the same thing happened..  and someone yelled to help that person out who was caught in it's "gaze".

next, i noticed that this horse was gazing upon my dad.  i noticed that my dad just stared back.. i looked around to see if someone was going to distract the horse at all.. but no one did.  the horse then stood up on its back legs and started "punching" my dad with his hooves.  although it wasn't as gruesome as it sounds, i saw my dad's face.. just a sadness and eyes closed looking away from the horse.  i yelled at the horse and started to hit it.  it turned and started to hit me with it's hooves.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

it's almost time..

and i have no words.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

srsly d00d

almost may.  not to much came of my april.  just work, work and more work.

i want a  house.

i want a new desk/office.

i want a lot of things. 

does that make me bad?

my throat feels funny tonight, i hope this doesn't mean i'm getting sick.

i need to rinse my hair dye out, its been sitting in there for about an hour now. has my attention (again)