Monday, September 13, 2010

the girls w/ a murder plan

night of 9.12.10

i was with a group of girls.  i dont know who they are and i'm not for sure if i thought i knew them in the dream.  we went to some store or building.  there were some sort of employees there that the girls thought that they needed to kill to move forward to the next thing.  i'm not for sure what the big plan was.. but they felt this was neccesary to do.  i never saw the bodies of the workers, but i knew they were dead there in there with us.   i didn't like that they were doing this, but i felt a sense of almost fear, knowing that if i didn't stay with the girls, they may get angry and may be kill me too.

we left the store and i remember boarding an airplane.  i knew that we were going to atlanta, ga then stopping in south carolina.  i knew each place there would be more killing.

lastly i remember as if the dream was fast forwarded.  and there was a narrative over it of me sitting in a small boat with a single little motor on the back with these girls.  we were in the middle of a large lake and the water was very still.  the narrative explained that the bodies had been chopped up and then anything left was chopped up by the boat motor for the fish to eat.  and then we dumped the weapons in the lake as well.

the boat, with out the noise/use of the motor turned around and and moved "off screen"

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