Monday, September 13, 2010

Fighting Horse


i was in ohio with a group of people.  no one i reconized but my dad.  we were all gathered around and i noticed a really pretty horse.  it's coloring was reddish and shiney.  while looking at the horse, its almost as if it "zoomed in" with a close up on it's face.   there was a breeze and me looking at this horse was almost in slow motion..   just as a movie presenting a "hot chick" .  the horse was staring back at me and it was almost as if the horse was reaching out to me, pointing in some way.

when this happened, i asked the person next to me, with out taking my eyes off the horse, what was going on and said that this was kinda freaking me out.  the person next to me insinuated that they needed to distract the horse.   they pulled out a cell phone and turned on the light and waved it around and yelled "hey!"  the horse broke the "gaze" and started staring at someone else.  the same thing happened..  and someone yelled to help that person out who was caught in it's "gaze".

next, i noticed that this horse was gazing upon my dad.  i noticed that my dad just stared back.. i looked around to see if someone was going to distract the horse at all.. but no one did.  the horse then stood up on its back legs and started "punching" my dad with his hooves.  although it wasn't as gruesome as it sounds, i saw my dad's face.. just a sadness and eyes closed looking away from the horse.  i yelled at the horse and started to hit it.  it turned and started to hit me with it's hooves.

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