Monday, October 11, 2010

ghosts, spirits and a dead lady playing the piano

last night's dream left me with more of a weird feeling than a full recollection of what exactly i dreamed about.  here is my best recall.

i was a spirit of some sort, a ghost maybe?
there was a young male.  i'm unsure if he was alive and i ended up killing him or if he had always been a spirit/ghost and i was trying to contain him because i knew he was negative.
its almost as if i was keeping him in a small space up high, maybe an attic?
i think i had to go and do something and i thought that i had securily trapped/containted this mail spirit. i went downstairs.  i'm not sure what i was doing and i don't remember doing anything in particular. i just remember my step mom's face and her smiling. 

when i went back upstairs, i saw that the male had left and i was really upset/worried.

next thing i remember i was in this dark place.. maybe a nursing home?  i see that the male spirit had brought the body of a dead lady to the place.  instead of leaving the body be, he somehow tied it up so that it moved and played the piano.  i remember seeing the room, it had a bed and a piano in it, very dimily lit.. and then the old lady, who's face i never saw, was moving almost roboticlly from the strings, and playing the piano.  i was worried/saddened that no one would see that this lady had died because she was playing the piano and that her body would start to decompose/smell before anyone would realize.

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