Saturday, July 12, 2008

on a roll

two posts in one week? it's a miracle, considering my recent track record.

its funny, i always think that i should write in this journal, but i dont do much but work and come home.. so, nothing too interesting to share with people. what's a girl to blog about?

its officially the last week of this pink hair of mine. next saturday (7/19) i'm changing. i'm hoping that it turns out right. normally when i change hair colors, it's never 100% accurate the first time around. its as if it just primes it for the next time. so ususally, i have to dye my hair two days in a row. hope that doesn't work that way this time b/c i dont have the color in my hands that the girl is gonna be using to dye my hair. plus, i had a recent dream that i dyed my hair and the old color was showing through. so many people were stopping me and telling me how much they hated my hair :) oh... those silly dreams of mine!

so i'm on this site now called it's a rediculous (i prob spelled that wrong) version of myspace and facebook all in one site. its so bad and annoying that i'm addicted to it. people "buying" your picture, battling.. its just insanely stupid and addicting all at the same time. i'm almost ashamed to write about it. lol. there was another point to me posting that.. but i forgot what it was while typing, and since i've already typed this far.. i felt it'd be just a waste to erase it.


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