Monday, July 7, 2008

one way to ensure people don't read your blog...

be sporadic in posting. they'll soon get tired of checking back to see if today was the *big day* that something was actually posted - i think my plan is working :)

so the past few weeks have been a little busier than i expected. been working hard and soon to work harder. but when you know it’s for a better reason and it will pay in the end, it’s not so hard :)

i'm really excited about my new business venture. sure, its far from the rock stardom i once strived for. but if i can't be rockin stages everywhere anymore (and make enough money to pay all my bills) theeeennnn i'll settle for working in my pj's forever <3. in just a few short months, i'll be on my own and i can't wait.


as i laid in my bed last night, trying to drift to sleep.. all i could think about was trying to think of a cool video to do. how'd that turn out?? *ahem* let’s just say i just drifted in to dream land. guess none of my ideas were that exciting.

okie dokie, bye for now!!


The Burnman said...

Tired of checking back? My browser notifies me when you post something new, so it's no bother at all. :D

New business venture?? Working in your PJ's???

Now you have peaked my curiosity...

ashley said...

we shall have a new vid soon :))

working in your pj's IS the next best thing to rocking out. i'm jealous. i'll be your lawyer. as long as i can wear pj's.

imajeanyus said...

re: burnman

oh? you've got one of those fancy smanchy feed things? well.. i'm sooooo 90's ;)

and yeah, i'm working in medical billing. i currently work for someone else in their house and i wear my work jammies.. but soon i will be working from my own house.. just full out wearing my hamburger pants :D

imajeanyus said...

re: ashley

yeah, hopefully. i'm thinking that you can just get me your clip and ill make mine when i can. that way when i have a chance to do it.. i'll already have everything.