Tuesday, July 15, 2008

its the new cool

so i went into blog tv last night and was the most interactive i've ever been. (which wasn't butt loads, but i talked and was responded to, ya know). i think i like it. don't know if i like it better than stickam or not. it has pluses and minuses. for example, i like the idea of seeing everyone you are talking with in the stickam rooms, but i like how if i don't feel like getting on camera, then its not weird that im not in blog tv, b/c there is really one main cam slot anyway.

huhuhuh i said "cam slot".

i've been busy lately, as i've mentioned/complained about before.. but i'd like to get into that blog tv thing a bit more. i like chatting real time with the people that i watch. just nice to feel like you have friends:) gosh, i wish i were going to 888. any plans on 999 anyone?? maybe i can make it to that one!!

1 comment:

Luka said...

you're so dirty....cam slot :-)