Wednesday, June 4, 2008


wow, this week is just flying by. good thing cause i can't wait for the weekend! some big things are headed my way in the next few months. job/position change, possibly moving, just all this crap. its exciting and stressful/scary all at the same time. i need to pinch my pennies even more to assure i will be able to make it through!!

in august, i will start training/schooling for my new position. although its been something i've been working towards for quite sometime now, there's this fear of 'oh no, is this the right thing, can i do it?' or to just plan ol' 'oh my gosh, i can't belive its really happening!!'


this will def be a new begining. its gonna be some work.. but im up for it.. i just hope it goes as smooth as possible.

*instant snapshot*

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lawdeda said...

it is SO the right thing to do. go for it! reach for the stars :)