Sunday, June 1, 2008

getting back to the routine

i'm back! i had a great time with my family in ohio. i hadn't seen them in 2 years, so it was nice. plus, felt like i was getting all frazzled here (in my daily grind) so just getting away was so nice!

so i come back to the internet land/youtube land and see that i have missed so many videos and went on a mini video watching marathon yesterday. i probably still haven't viewed all the videos missed this passed week - but i think i at least caught up on the recent ones. i know, i'm cheesey, but although i am subbed to a decent amount of people, i actually sub to people that i WANT to WATCH so when people make videos, i want to make sure that i see them!

i need to make a video as well. but although its only been a week.. i feel like i have nothing spectacular to talk about and i just don't know how to jump back into my groove of making videos.

oh my goodness.. this whole blog has been about youtube.. i must be obessed. hey, can't help it.. i enjoy it so i talk about it!! :)

guess i'll head off now. time to get back into my routine of sleep>work>computer time. isn't my life awesome!?
*instant snapshot*


Kiwi said...

Welcome back! Isn't it fun to come back after a few days offline and be completely overwhelmed with all those little videos..? Yes! Make one! w00t!
Video responses are always a nice way to get back into the mood

imajeanyus said...

thanks kiwi, you're so smart :D