Sunday, June 8, 2008

productive and thoughtful

man, don't know about you guys but this weekend flew by so fast for me. but at least i felt productive. did some cleaning, laundry, took my four hour "defensive driving" class (online) so i could keep the points off my DL, keep my insurance rate down and all that jazz. i also washed the dogs today and welp.. i think thats about it. i guess maybe i wasn't as busy as most people.. but this is coming from someone who doesn't really like to move from the bed to the computer desk :)

also, i did a little vlog about my current hair delima. haha.. well whatever you want to call it. i'm just kinda bored with the pink. i dont hate it, just craving something different. the last time i did that i had red hair.. then decided i wanted black.. then decided i wanted red again.. boy, that was a traumatic time for my hair - but it pulled through ok. i am thinking about going natural, through the suggestion from my bf. but as odd as it may seem, i almost feel like im not "ready" to. LOL. i guess i should stop being so silly. just like any other color i've done.. when i'm "over" it, i just get a different color. so no matter what i choose, this time will be no different. i just don't want to do another "un-natural" color for the sake of being colorful.. i always choose the colors i wear b/c i like them.. not for the "wow" factor.

*instant snapshot*


Ben Robot said...

i literally slept through sunday. so yeah, it went by fast. like i said in the video, i choose brown!!! work it!

imajeanyus said...

hehehe im thinking brown my just be the winner.. 7/19 looks to me my hair date :D