Thursday, June 12, 2008


okie dokie. this is a new begining. i'm officially cancelling the instant snapshots. you can only get so cute with just sitting in a chair. plus, i'm at work right now posting this (shhh) and i don't have a camera available.

so its official. i have a hair date in mid-july. and i'm changing. if you don't know what i'm changing it to, then i'll guess you'll just have to wait and see!!

things have been picking up for me. this year started off with a bang. as you may or may not know, my bf and i brought our new years in at times square in beautiful new york. it was awesome! but then the year started to go a bit down hill for me.. money issues after money issuse with unexpected bills, procedures.. family illness and a family death.. stress with trying to save money while all of this was going on - it was just taking toll on me.

finally, seems like things are getting on track. i mentioned before that i'm going to be training for a new position in my job. sorry if i keep babbling about it, i'm just excited about getting to a point in my life where my work will pay off for me, instead of just being reconized as a good worker and get more work piled i'll get to (hopefully) see the benefits. with this tho, i am going to be sacraficing some. im disappointed that it seems i may not be able to keep up with my internet fun as much. but its only temparay.

speaking of work.. i guess i better do some!!

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