Wednesday, May 21, 2008

traveling shoes

ahhh tomorrow is the day where i get on the plane and travel to ohio!! i'm looking forward to the break and to go back:) nothing changes there. i think in the past 10 years, the biggest thing that has happened is they built a super walmart.

but although its a slower paced area.. i do enjoy it. i wouldn't mind living back up there again. i know eventually i'm going to move. i could stand the heat of florida to be with my family.. but my bf isn't diggin the area.. and i say that i can't live with someone who hates where they are.. so.. we may move up north. hopefully to ohio so if i can't be with my loved ones here, i can be with them up there :D


so needless to say, with me going on vacation, i don't think i will be updating the blog.. you know.. for the two people that read this thing. haha.

anyhoo.. gotta pack - smell ya later!
*instant snapshot*


Britt said...

Have fun on your vacation!

imajeanyus said...

thanks britt!! i didn't get this until i came home, but i had a blast!! :)