Monday, June 16, 2008

weekend fun!

this weekend was packed full of goodness!
first, saturday i woke up bright and early to mow the lawn and get some chore-like stuff done. but theeennnnnn at lunch time, i had a meet up with a fellow youtuber! (lukaisntluka). it was the first time i had ever met someone i had coorisponded with on that site. we had been talking for a while on chat and watching each others videos - once we both determined neither of us was weird (in a bad way) we decided to meet up since we were so close!

it was really cool because we met and there was no akwardness, no lull, everything felt right - like we've been friends for ages! its really neat to be able to have a friend that shares the same interest as you. most people that i s/w about the videos think its "neat" but aren't IN to the videos :D i really look forward to a time when i can go to a gathering of some sort. it always seems to hit at a bad finacial time. maybe if there's a 999 close by i can make it out?? :)

sunday was nice. it was father's day so had a little dinner.. hung out.. and my bf and i went and looked at some apartments to get an idea on things to prepare us for our move sometime by the end of this year.

so much stuff is going on right now - both fun and stressful stuff!!
welp, guess i better go.. i leave you with a pic of me and ruthie from sat (thanks ruthie!)

(i think i thought i was hot stuff, look at my silly face!)


Ashley said...

i'm jealous of this fun you've been having. i want some!

Luka said...

so much fun!:-) when do you want to come swimming at my house? ;-)

imajeanyus said...

i haven't been swimming in a long time, let alone w/ my pink hair.. wonder if it will turn your pool pink??