Monday, May 19, 2008

random topic

a conversation this weekend with my friend has got me re-thinking about something that occasionally pops in my head. the question of 'how do people view you?' don't mistake this with caring what people think about you. do you ever wonder who people view you? what type of 'vibes' do you seemingly give off to people.

i do find myself curious and amused by opinions gathered of me by people before they meet me.. or their assumtions/perceptions of me, with out knowing me. i've gotten opinions ranging from bitch to druggie.. strong and opinionated... to mentally unstable and a push-over.

all so different and amazing that i in some way have put off all of these different vibes to people. makes me wonder if i'm really all of those different parts into one.. or do the people gathering those thoughts just don't get it.

i'm really a cheap skate, homebody that over thinks things way too much.

oh, i got my hair done. i know you can't really tell, but its much shorter. now.. i can no longer put it up in a ponytail.

*instant snapshot*

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ashley said...

again, love the hair :)

i often think abotu these thigns too. i've never actually been informed about the vibes i send people, but i constantly wonder what type i'm sending off.