Friday, May 16, 2008

weekend planner

plans for the weekend... welp, tonight i'm hoping to run up to the tattoo shop and switch out my bulky hoops back for studds. i really liked having the ones studd and when i got my other side pierced, my plan was to have the two studs, but for healing purposes the hoops are better :)
wow, a whole paragraph on hoops vs studs.

tomorrow i'm getting my hair re-dyed. same color (hot hot pink). whenever i have a hair date scheduled, i stop touching up my own hair. so for the past month or so i've let it fade so insanely bad.. and my roots are horriffic!! then after i get all that jazz taken care of, later than night i am planning to hang again with my friends aka band mate type people and create some music :) i'm diggin' it fo' sho'.

and i just got a call from a friend who is in photography school and asked if i would help out with one of her projects. well, there's not really much helping on my part, just me being in the picture. so, since i'm a ham, of coarse i said yes!! so, that should be fun.

okie dokie.. i guess that it. i'm leaving you with an instant snapshot of my pitiful looking hair...

*instant snapshot*


lawdeda said...

you should make a vlog similar to the on you made when you went to the dentist, but of you getting your hair done. have you already done that or did i really come up with it?

imajeanyus said...

actually i did do a hair one! before i had pink, i had purple and i did one of them changing my color. boy my head was sore after that one! :(