Friday, May 9, 2008

cops and paint

alas! excitement in the last couple of days!
yesterday morning, i woke up with only 15 mins to shower, make/eat breakfast pack lunch and take out the trash. instead of calling to let my boss know i'd be a little late.. i decided that i'd just make up the time i 'wasted' while sleeping, in speed. needless to say, it wasn't the smartest move and i gots myself some tickets.

it was my first time being pulled over. although i didn't cry (which surpised to poop outta me) i was awfully nervous. so nervous that i couldn't pull the driver's licesense out of my wallet. i was shaking so bad!!! we were there for several mins trying to get my DL out, but i couldn't get it so finally he just looked at it and didn't take it back to his car. (GEEZ!!)

so that was yesterday.

today at work i wrapped up a little early and left! went over to walmart and hit up the craft section picking out the cheapest of the cheap paints and a little canvas and decided i was going to paint the frustration of the new ticket bills (amongst others) away. i painted a little birdy. the colors are off in this photo b/c of the web cam i used (and its current settings) the bg is red and the birdy is bright blue.
yeah, its not picasso or anything, but its the best of my abilities. i may suck at a lot of things, but if i'm having fun and enjoying it.. it doesn't matter. :)
*instant snapshot*


Claudia said...

Aw I'm sorry you got pulled over. I like your birdy painting. :)

Ben Robot said...

lets make art! and listen to death from above.

imajeanyus said...

claudia: yeah, me too :( phooey!! and thank you about my birdy painting. i'm looking forward to doing more painting stuff. its neat to try something new :)

imajeanyus said...

ben: rock and roll, duder!!