Sunday, May 11, 2008

stress free, music and mother's day

This weekend has seemed to be pretty good :) I think i'm getting such much needed rest. I've been having some chest pains over the passed couple of weeks, and i'm pretty positive its due to stress.

last night was pretty rad! my friends and i hung out to create some music. our goal is just write and record - not to play out. which is strange considering i've been preforming for many years, but i think i'm going to enjoy this new road i'm taking. we were able to lay some scratch tracks down of one song and get another song written/arranged. i'm looking forward to seeing the final result of the songs. it's a ways off still, but i really think it's going to be good - and i can't wait to share.

on another note, today is mother's day. pretty much the whole family is getting together and have a little cook-out style lunch/dinner. it'll be nice. we haven't gotten together since the passing of my papaw. which has only been a month ago, but it seems like foreve now.

man, apparently drinking coffee while blogging equals long winded blogs!!!

*instant snapshot*


Ben Robot said...

stress free is the way to be. or else. oh shelly, you need a glitterBOMB <3 yay!!!

imajeanyus said...

i wish things would be stress free. i think my thing is i try to act normal and postive sometimes for a little too long ignoring things, and then it just all hits me.