Thursday, April 24, 2008

hair-dye ho down

i'm touching up my very faded hair. you'd think i would have checked the amount of hair dye in the jar prior to putting it on my head - but no, that'd be the smart thing to do. i lathered the top of my head really good and then noticed, i dont have enough for my whole head. it normally wouldn't be so bad, but my hair is very faded and the fresh dye is shades different. soooo... looks like until my hair dye comes in, i'll be walking around with two-toned pink.

but thats cool.. i did have a 'fro for like, a year. if i could survive that.. then i can survive this. :)

*instant snapshot*


Luka said...

oooh see. I want pink hairs again! i wonder if the peeps at work would mind! :-) lol

imajeanyus said...

you never know! they just may like the splash of color.

i dont know if i had told you before, but i worked at a law office before and still was colorful. i think i slipped by because #1 i was a good work *pats self on back* and #2 i dont think they ever thought such a bright haired person would work in that type of environment, so they never thought to put that someone couldn't have blue/red/pink/whatever hair in the employee manual.

boy did i start an uproar :D