Tuesday, April 22, 2008

gas grumbles

NO! not THAT kinda gas! (well, maybe earlier.. but not what i'm talking about now) i'm not one to really get mixed up in the politics, economy or heck, even environment convos because quite frankly, i'm not well versed in that stuff. and lets face it, all those topics can be pretty big hot buttons for certain people and i just don't want to go in 'unarmed'.

but with that being said, i am completely freaking about these gas prices! i mean, seriously! i drive a mini van that thankfully is fairly good on gas, but still a HUGE tank to fill! i put maybe a half of a tank in today and it cost me $40... i know that a full tank will be at least $90+.

now, here come my uneducated ramblings.. i know we don't want to 'fudge up' the environment with building whatever it takes to get oil from our land, but yet its ok to do that to other countries land? just because we can't SEE it doesn't mean its not happening.. it HAS to happen.. so why are we getting the oil/gas/whatever from other countries making ourselves dependant on them when we have the supplies right here?? i just don't understand.

i don't live in an area with a public bus system, i don't work at a place i can car pool, i'm not in a financial position to purchase a more gas friendly car... so ... UGH.. i'm just so aggravated! i'm already broke.. but now i feel as if i'm just working to pay for my gas to get to and from work!!
-end of uneducated rant-

*instant snapshot*


Luka said...

gas is only going to get more expensive too! like 4 bucks a gallon by freaking memorial day! it's getting ridiculous and it's HIGH time the govt does SOMETHING about it!

Ashley said...

it's already $3.65 here :((

imajeanyus said...

Ruthie, HI:)

i completely agree.. something needs to be done. like i said in my rant, i dont know the ends and outs of WHY somethings not being done, but in my opinion.. i dont think there are good enough reason!

imajeanyus said...

ashley -
we're not far behind you dear. there are already places near me that are 3.60 :( WTC!!??

Billy said...

Gas PRICES suck..

oops can I say sucks here?

imajeanyus said...

ohhh billy, you can say so much more than sucks on here :)