Tuesday, January 19, 2010

time flies

here it is, on the eve of  wednesday - the half way point in the working week.  i don't know about anyone else.. but time in the past couple of years, has just started to wiz by.  my work weeks are going by as equally fast as my weekends.  and although most people would find that a blessing (trust me, i'm not complaining about my work days not draaaagggggiiinnngggg on) i'm just finding it crazy/frantic/amazing/scary that time itself is just going way to fast for me.

although it certainly doesn't feel like i should still be in highschool - those days are far behind me now, it doesn't feel as if i should be turning the corner to 30 already.  THIRTY.  age has never really concerned me much... only as old as you feel.. yadda yadda... but..  30 just feels like... ya.. you're a real, OFFICIAL adult now.. haha. 

again, i'm not much one for minding of age.. just seems every year before my birthday, i start wondering what i have done since the last year... where was i... where am i now... where am i going..     and i still have about six months till my birthday.. i guess i just started thinking earlier about it b/c its the big 3-0.  just feels missing something right now... feels like i'm "forgetting" to do something ... as if i'm wasting my time not doing something important.. or heck, evening meaningful.  it's hard to describe.

me in '87 w/ an incredible marshmallow mustache :)  good times.

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