Thursday, July 16, 2009

two day streak

so this past week or so i've been pretty slammed. it's odd how i find myself normally bored ... then when stuff starts happening - it happens all at once and i complain about being busy. guess i can't be pleased. :)

i've been spending time at a a local cat rescue/sanctuary area. they are trying to get grants to help out with funding and they need a video put together and all that jazz. so, since i had adopted a cat from them (adelle), i told them i could help out. i enjoy editing, so its fun for me - and its helping out a good cause, so its all around good!

next week, i'm headed to georgia to spend a few days w/ my friend, ashely. for those of you who don't know (and anyone who is actually reading this) i've been besties with her since kindergarten. its awesome, when you think about it, to have had a friend for so long to see you go through all this different stages. i mean... she's seen me through my afro perm to my bleach hair gone wrong - and she's still totally cool with me :)

welp, lets see if i'll be able to keep this thing up... but who knows... that's what i said the last three times i decided to "make a comeback".


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