Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bye bye band wagon

Ok so in my band days.. I bought a van that could hold bodies and tow our trailer with all of our gear. A year and a half has past now since the band has taken its last bow ... and my van was on its last leg.

Today, I finally got a car for ME ... my dream car, a vw bug!!!!!!  I know it was the right choice.. I need a reliable car. But with my cheapskate roots.. I just start to get all nervous at the thought of payments again.

Man.. hard day at work and all this excitement leaves me mega tired.  I just finished packing and wanting to get a good night sleep before my flight to ga tomorrow. Yeah that's right... bought a car and can't drive it till I get back!!


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The Burnman said...

Woohoo! New car is teh awesome! :)

So... a while back I asked you if you had any other musical projects in the works, but it's been a while since I asked that, so I am asking again.

Do you have any other musical projects in the works? :D