Wednesday, April 15, 2009

a much needed update

holy cow!! 5 months since my last post.. FIVE MONTHS!!!

apparently, i'm not very good about being faithful to this blog, am i?

welp, summing everything up should be pretty easy, considering not too many things have happened. as you may recall, i started my new job in october. up until now, i've felt pretty swamped so my life pretty much revolved around that. this new job, i love it - but it has not come w/o sacrafice. me devoting all my time has pretty much squashed any of my fun/personal/social time. only in the past couple of weeks, have i felt like i've finally got a lasso around it again.. i'm just working on pulling it back in.

how was that cowboy-type reference for ya? haha.

one thing that i really enjoyed was making youtube videos. i have strayed from both watching and making.. just this week have i tried to get back on track with that. i ENJOY doing them.. so i need to make time for that stuff. otherwise, my life just becomes all work - and i feel like i'm becoming a dull girl b/c of it!! oh noes!

well.. i suppose i will go for now.. i dont know how faithful i will be to this blog.. but i certainly am starting up on my yt account again... and i'm hands down a twitter nerd (follow me 'imajeanyus'). small steps my friend, small steps...

okie dokie... off now!!


1 comment:

Kiwi said...

all work and no play makes shelly a dull girl ;) and the rest of us so sad!!