Friday, November 14, 2008

snap snap

welp, a week has come and passed. last weekend was good - but busy. i ended up not bring my video camera to the fun little photoshoot that my friend and i had. i'm looking forward to seeing the pictures when she's done with them.


this weekend, i will probably have the regular sat night jam w/ the guys. on sunday, i'm hanging w/ my photography friend again. she's having a shoot for some dogs and i'm going to be her "assistant". hopefully i will be helpful. if not, i'll end up playing w/ the doggies. hehehe.

welp, i'm suppose to be working.. so i guess i should do that.. just thought i would check in while i was thinking about it.

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KTDP said...

well at least one of us had some fun. Spent most of mine playing need for speed undercover. Not as bad as I thought I have ta say ....