Monday, November 3, 2008

its chilly in florida!

holy cow. its almost the end of 2008. wasn't i just in time square and we were counting down to start this year off right? i can not believe that we have two more months left and then its "hello 2009"!!

when i was a kid, the days went by so slow. even the hours and minutes seemed to take their sweet time passing. now, i feel like i'm grasping on to every second to make sure i can do it all!

so, to try to keep this update peppy and un-boring, i'm gonna try and make it snappy.

i have moved and am finally feeling settled in. i have completed my training and am officially working from home. today marks start of month two. it is a bit crazy, but i'm finding that each week is getting more and more under control. thus why i am able to update this in the middle of my work day today :).

theres a bit of chill in the air, as we all know that is a rariety for flordida. so although i'm wearing pants and rediculously heavy socks to stay snuggily, i would much rather it be this way than me sweating and being all gross from the heat and humidity.

hmmmm.. i think thats about it for now.. just working and sleeping. with things feeling a bit more under control, i am hoping to dive back into my e-life with open arms. (im so nerdy).



My name is Billy! said...

Hey you!

So glad ot hear about you and you doing well. I cant wait to see you diving head first into the elife pool of nerdyness! hahahahah

Take care!

imajeanyus said...

yay! excited about videos and all their geekiness. who wudda thunk it? :)