Friday, September 12, 2008

update schmupdate

okay friends, so its been a while. a long while.

i've been crazy busy right now.. as i type this, i am literally in a room with nothing but a computer that is online. now that is dedication, lol. i am waiting for a phone call for the word to take my little minivan thats filled to the brim, to my new apartment.

training for my new position is going good, although i'm getting more and more ansy as the money i have saved is so easily flowing out of my bank account to cover all the new expenses.

i hope soon i will be settled and not working 9-10 hour days mon-fri, so i can have more play time again. i haven't been making many videos lately on you tube or vlogger heads. yes, i'm on both.. apparently there's hoopla with being on both.. but.. its just web sites, people. sure, you meet some neat people and can build some friendships.. but bottom line, its friggin' web sites, not world hunger.

welp, guess thats about me summed up in a nutshell at this moment. i will post again when i am able!!

calgon, take me away!

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My name is Billy! said...

hi ya,

thanks for the update we all have been wondering about you.