Sunday, May 4, 2008

odds and ends

my lack of posting is not due to such a busy schedule. although, i should just go with that reason so i can act like i have something cool going on. but then you'd wonder why my posts were so boring :)

since my last post on tuesday, my days have really consisted of working, sleep and drive time in between. nothing amazing has happened. i have made a couple of videos and have another that i need to edit. i really enjoy being silly on camera and editing... i just wish my imagination flowed as much as it did when i was younger. i guess in my elder years i'm becoming rusty. :)

oh! (random thought) one thing i did want to post about are those smart cars! anyone see them? oh my goodness, i passed by one yesterday and it was soo cute! what are they, like a beefed up golf cart?

i am really looking forward to my vacation back home! it's only about 2 1/2 weeks away!! i'm going to have such a wonderful time, and this break is much needed!

*instant snapshot*

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