Thursday, April 17, 2008

getting back on the road

i feel pretty normal and good today. a tad sleepy, but over all, pretty good. i'm looking forward to this weekend. i'm going to hang w/ some friends i haven't seen in a while tomorrow.. then on saturday night i'm getting together with some peeps to make music :) i'm trying to finish up the melody and lyrics for a song that was some what put together last time we met up. .i'm having to rush my creativity since last week it was pretty much shut off. i'd like to at least complete the chorous in addition to the verse i've written.

why am i telling you this?

i dunno, i'm kinda babbling.. i'm good at that :D

*instant snapshot*

PS - if any one was wondering (or cares) the whole point of the 'instant snapshot' thing, is me taking a picture of myself at the time of me posting this.. im known for pointing out the obvious.. but just incase it wasn't clear, i wanted the one person who reads this to know that... ok.. BYE!

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