Sunday, April 13, 2008

the day after yesterday

yesterday was the day. the final day of the recent saga, yet the first day of getting back to the new "normal". the funeral was very nice and we were told that it was sure a one of a kind that the preacher had preformed.

although i do not practice in anything, i was rasied in the church. my papaw was a pastor and a very well known/well respected one in the nazerene domination. the funeral was filled with upbeat, live music from a band.. drums.. guitars.. everything.. i was so proud to hear that my papaw had touched so many lives and impacted them in some way with his kindness and example.

i may not be a faithful church goer, but i certainly hope that when i pass away, that i have somehow reached out and touch someone just by being me. i try to make people feel special and important.. and it was so wonderful to see that someone i care about so dearly was thought of in that light.
*instant snapshot*


Ben Robot said...

aw im sorry to hear someone so close passed away :(
life is about celebrating, you inspire me :)

imajeanyus said...

thank you ben, that was really sweet <3