Monday, April 5, 2010

hi, april.

seriously, the time button seriously feels like its stuck on fast forward.  heck.. today marks 16 years since front man, kurt cobain killed himself (4/8 was when he was found).  why do i remember these things?  i dont know.. well i know about this one b/c i was insanely in to them.


yesterday was easter.. but was the first easter that didn't feel like a real easter.  (whatever that is)  the family didn't get together like normal... for good reason, though.  extended family coming in NEXT week.. and we decided to feast later, hehe.   but yesterday i ended up going to the local theme park, busch gardens and spending the day there.  had a great time.. just far from "easterish".

here's me and chris on the train yesterday :)


a said...

i hate how quickly the time is going! i'm glad you had a good time at busch gardens. you guys have season passes, right?

imajeanyus said...

@a yeah, just got them recently. i think there's pretty much no other way to go now adays.. i say that b/c tickets are SO expensive.. but you can pay the SAME exact 1 day ticket price and go the rest of the year? who wouldn't do that! :)