Wednesday, August 13, 2008

mid-week update

you may or may not know about my step-dad having 3 major surgeries early this year. it was around the time that my grandfather passed away. my step dad, whom i'm close with, had one regular out patient surgery because he had a hernia. welp, that turned into a big mess.. landing him in the hospital for about two weeks and leaving him out of work for a couple of months.

he's still not 100% but, he's back at work. recently, he discovered something strange in his stomach area again. he went to the doctor's office yesterday and it was determined that he had yet another hernia. however, this time, since his body went through so much, they said he can't handle another surgery right now.

i'm a major, major worry wart and i just hope that everything is going to be ok. they told him basically to take it easy and they'll see him in november for a check-up.


My name is Billy! said...

I too hope all is well with him. And you too! :)

imajeanyus said...

thanks billy!! :)