Tuesday, August 5, 2008

its a mad rush

ok, ok, ok. i'm posting! (is this better, billy? lol)

well, i'm officiall jobless and in training for my new career in the medical billing field. i've been doing it for about two 1/2 years now already as an employee of a company, and now i'm stepping up to learn more about it and move into the position of buisness owner.

things are really looking up. although i am living on limited funds, i have been saving for this so i'm OKAY jobless.. just can't go out and party it up. you know, because that's so my style anyway, lol.

in september, my bf and i are getting an apartment. we've lived together before, but due to circumstances (money, band) we had to move back home with our parents. i have a great relationship w/ my 'rents.. but it will be nice to have peoeple over and not have to tell them to be quiet b/c my mom's sleeping, just like when i was 16. don't get me wrong, keeping your fun and youthful outlook on life is great! but at 28, i'd like to feel like an adult in SOME aspects ;)

welp, its 8:15 in the morning and i have once again relasped on my no coffee rule. ugh. its so hard to stay away when its just so goooood! sooo.. i'm wired right now. guess i better get ready for training. i leave in 15 mins and i've myspaced, twitted, emailed and now blogged.. but i have failed to get ready!!


Billy said...

I am sooooooo proud of you. And wish you well on the hunt for being with job! :)

imajeanyus said...

thanks billy!! actually, the wonderful thing about the current company i'm training with, i train w/ the clients i will be working with at home! so no hunt for me after i'm done:D