Sunday, April 6, 2008

update in jeanyus land

i seriously do think about writing in here every day... i swear.

things have been pretty hectic around my parts recently. i'm normally one that seems to go at a laid back, slow pace.. but lately i've been busy with family stuff. my step dad was in the hopsital for a couple of weeks due to complications to a pretty normal surgery (hernia). and then just last week, it was determined that my grandpa doesn't have much longer to live. he's been ill for a while, but it still doesn't make the news any easier.

now my car breaks down and i'm using someone else's but its taking $500 that i don't have to fix it.. on top of the $1,000 that i just charged up for my dental stuff.

i know blogs/diaries are suppose to be honest and sometimes life does include some gloomy days.. i just try to keep these public journals a little more upbeat for anyone who actually stumbles acrossed it.

any hoo.. thats whats going on with me.. hopefully things will get back on track and i'll be a little more carefree and light hearted soon:)

*instant snapshot*

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