Friday, February 29, 2008

i <3 the dentist!

so, today i went to the dentist for a regular cleaning/check-up. i got there and was told i had two cavities (which didn't surprise me) and that i needed a crown. sooo.. i asked whenever i schedule the thing if i could get them all at once.. they said we could start today!! sooo YAY! they drilled my tooth and got out all the filling. but in mid drill.. i guess the dentist saw that it was hurting me.. so he had to put a couple more shots in my mouth.. i tell you i was numb until at least 930pm!! HOLY CRAP. (the numbness in my video was not an act, thats for sure!)
soooo... almost $600 later.. i still have two more appts to go.. and more money to spend (that i dont have) thank goodness for credit cards..

now i wish i still had the numbing back b/c this fake, plastic "temp" tooth is starting to hurt!!

*instant snapshot*

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